About me

Hi there!
My name is Margherita Gennaro. I have been working in the men's tailoring sector for nine years and I’m the cutter in the historic Sartoria Ferdinando Caraceni since 2020.

I was born in Udine in 1992. Since I was a child I studied music and piano performance, graduating in 2012 at the J.Tomadini Conservatoire.

I soon became passionate about the world of tailoring and I attended the Basic Course, the Specialization Course and the Pattern Making Course at the SITAM fashion academy in Padova, obtaining a professional qualification.

I was introduced to the world of men's tailoring in Udine, while attending Antonio Moliterni’s atelier and Sattolo’s tailoring.

In 2014 I moved to Milan where I started working at the Sartoria Ferdinando Caraceni. There I have gained experience and mastery of the craft, in particular with men's jackets, tuxedos, morning dresses, coats and women's outerwear. I take measurements to new customers, design patterns, cut, try on suits and make adjustments.

From 2018 to 2020 I continued my training with an advanced custom course on male and female patterns with Professor Lino Marsili, former teacher of the Marangoni Institute.

During these years I have developed other passions which have played an important role in my personal growth path: ikebana, which I practice at the Japanese Culture Center in Milan, and traditional Japanese embroidery under the guidance of the teacher Stefania Iacomi.

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What I offer

Are you a business?

I offer consultancy or training courses to your employees aimed at refining the manufacture of your jackets and outerwear for men and women.
The jacket is an iconic item of clothing and a tailored garment is a way to stand out with a quality product.

Are you a school?

I am offering a course to complement your academic program which purpose is to create a tailored jacket according to the traditional method of tailoring for men.
This course is aimed both at students interested in learning this method and professionals who already have work experience in the fashion industry and want to learn more about tailoring outerwear.
My aim is to bring the craftsman workshop into the classroom and make sure that the artisan-knowledge has a future in other places as well.